Our Core Values

Our Core Values

These are the values that we live by . . . .

#1 : Adult to Adult Conversations

We value honesty, direct talk and confronting the realities of the situation. We never tell a client what they want to know…but what they need to know.

#2 : Full on Commitment

We value being there at all times for the client.  If a client cannot rest because of a business problem, then we don’t either.

#3 : The Strength of Warm Relationships

We value building relationships, building trust, operating with integrity and loyalty.

#4 : Being Real

Being with Pinta means being real. We do not tolerate hierarchy in how we deal with each other or tolerate self-promotion ahead of others or at their expense. What you get from us is who we are not who we are trying to be.

#5 : Impacting Positively

We value positively impacting our clients and their activities. When we engage, change will happen and it should always have a positive impact on the performance of the organisation.