We are Different

We are Different

We are different….

We are not specific to industry, to problem type or to a process. We are not offering analysis and proposals of how you should tackle your issues. That’s what typical consultants do. We are part of the analysis, of the solution design and of the execution, of making it happen on the ground. We become part of your team to help you navigate where you need to go.



Why waste time trying to match your problem with a solution type? After all, that’s our job. Whatever you are trying to address, wherever you are in your business cycle, whether the challenge is accelerated growth or survival or the performance of your team or individuals, whatever your challenge, Pinta is the solution.

The company name and brand differentiates us as a business support company that will navigate our clients through the hurdles they face with clear direction, purpose and effective execution with people, systems and processes all aligned to where you need to go.

We are defined by your problem. Other firms define themselves by the solutions they offer: Strategic Planning, Leadership, Training, Development and so on. Pinta work in all these areas and more but as part of the solution to address the problem you face.

Our talented team have worked in leadership and support roles in a diverse range of industries including Pharma, Electronics, Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, Not for Profit, Sporting and Volunteer Organisations. We understand the challenges of being outstanding in delivering exceptional results, integrating new teams, building new organisations and bringing people with you as you drive sustainable transformation across organisations.

Operating internationally and in Ireland, we proactively support our customers wherever they are based, at home or abroad. We have a broad sector and customer base and can manage projects of all sizes from multinationals to SME’s to owner-managed.

Do you have a clear picture of where you are now? Of where you are going? Of how you are going to get there?

If not, then you need to talk to us….

Pinta…working the solution with you.