Financial Services

Financial Services

We have all lived through the crisis, but more than any other sector Financial Services have been forced to change many elements of the way it delivers its products and services.

Regulation has been swift, compliance has become key and the management of risk has become a daily task.

Within this environment we have identified three significant points of change that shift the emphasis from following to leading within the Financial services sector:

  • Structure: Building a clear structure to meet the challenges of tomorrow with the right capability positioned throughout. We analyse your organisation focusing on the skills and competences needed for the future and help you get the right team in place with clarity of roles and responsibilities.
  • Process: We ensure that internal processes support external requirements to ensure the organisation and all staff are clear on what they are supposed to be doing. We focus on interfaces, dependencies and clarity and work with your teams to ensure they are doing the right things in the right way.
  • Governance: While the structure can be fit for purpose and the resources capable of delivering on the requirements of their role, the organistion needs guidance, oversight and monitoring to ensure it stays on rack to mandated and strategic prioirties. The management framework needs to be defined, key performance indicators established and meeting/review structures positioned to ensure everyone stays on track to where the organisation needs to go.

With our understanding of the sector and experience in dealing with the challenges of a highly regulated and monitored environment we can help you get the right people in the right role doing the right things.