Key Elements Your Home Page Must Have!

If you were to rank the pages on your website in order of importance, it is likely that the Home page will be at the top of your list. Its logical as it is likely to be the first page that visitors encounter, unless you have created a specific landing page as part of a marketing campaign.

You need to ask yourself if your home page is as effective as it can be? Here are a few questions to consider . . .

The Headline

Within 3 seconds of landing on your home page, can the visitor tell exactly who you are, what you do, what you have to offer and why they should work with you?

Do you have a clear Call To Action?

Is it very clear what you want the visitor to do when they visit the home page? Is the visitor motivated to take action? That could be to request a call, download a report, sign up to a newsletter and so on.

What’s your company’s USP ?

Is it immediately clear what the benefits are of working with your company? Why choose your company versus another. What unique selling proposition can you offer?

Have you used your Client Testimonials?

Does your home page immediately give evidence of integrity, success and trust? Visitors are looking for reasons to work, or not to work with you. Testimonials from your customers help build trust and confidence.

Free Valuable Content

Does your home page offer something free that’s of value to the visitor? Is there an ebook, white paper, template or a guide that would be of interest to the visitor in exchange for them giving their name and email address for further communication? This helps you to build your database!

Access to Valuable Resources

Finally, does your home page offer links to valuable resources? For example, marketing blogs, HR resource sites, business strategy sites and so on. Can you direct the visitor to other sites that will also help them? If so, it reflects well on you.

A website is a little bit like a house. You are never finished working on it. Its always going to need work and improvement. Putting some or all of the above into place is a very good start.