North Kildare Chamber Exceeds Growth Targets

We are thrilled for the North Kildare Chamber as they continue to exceed their growth targets that were set out in their Strategic Plan. The Chamber in July 2013 now has 15 corporate members and in excess of 250 members.

North Kildare Chamber appointed Pinta to complete a Strategic Plan for the Chamber in late 2011.  The Chamber at the time was a fast growing non for profit business organisation with one member of staff and a committee which is elected annually.

 Pinta were appointed to produce a 3 year strategic plan which would enable the chamber to grow and also work  with businesses and interested parties and insure they reach their potential in Kildare.

In November 2011, North Kildare Chamber had 81 members primarily in the Naas area and the vast majority of its members were sole traders and businesses employing up to 10 employees. The chamber in July 2013 now has 15 corporate members and in excess of 250 members.  This is in line with our targets set out in the strategic plan.   Membership has now extended to all town in Kildare and 3 of our corporate members are actually from outside the county.

Before we consulted with Pinta, the chamber was an organisation which had no clear defined mission statement with no clear values.   It was to an extent an organisation which was surviving month by month with no clear strategy.

The chamber now has new membership categories, increased its membership fee as now businesses have more of an offering from the chamber:

Pre our Strategic Plan the chamber provided:

100 network mornings per year

5-7 network lunches per year

Ad Hoc training courses

Post Strategic Plan

Now provide over 160 network mornings/evenings per year

Host 4 successful and profitable lunches per year

Produce twice yearly training calenders

Engage weekly with Kildare Co Co, NUIM and with key businesses in Kildare

Growing at a steady and workable rate

The chamber strategic plan 2012 -2015 is an excellent plan which is “work in action” .  The plan has seen the chamber engage and work closely with all key businesses in Kildare.  This plan has seen several key businesses now engage with the chamber where beforehand this was not the case.

Allan Shine,

North Kildare Chamber, Director.