Rosses Community School

Rosses Community School

Pinta assisted Rosses Community College in Donegal to develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan that was published to parents, students, staff and management, at a launch in January 2013. At this launch students of the school presented the macro initiatives, that will support the growth of the school over the next three years. This included initiatives with action plans in place for the following areas of communications, leadership and management, financial planning and fundraising, facilities, teaching and learning, health and lifestyle and connecting with the community.

The Outcome 

Rosses Community School  now has a new committee structure in place that is responsible for delivering each component of the plan. These committees follow the specific action plans derived in the strategic plan and update the projects accordingly.


“The Board of management and senior management of Rosses Community School are delighted with the end product, of the Strategic Plan 2013 – 2016. This process has produced an exciting and vibrant roadmap for the future. It was a wonderful process to partake in, a bright future has emerged from the effort and enthusiasm of all the educational partners and their work on this project. This is a unique and dynamic document, in the educational sector, capturing the self evaluation process at it’s best.”

John Gorman, Principal, Rosses Community College