We worked with the new Shire Global Environment, Health & Safety team to determine their strategic direction for 2017.

Our process included:

  • An engagement process with stakeholders to calibrate their expectations on the deliverables of the new EHS team.
  • Delivered a consultation process with team participants to solicit their inputs on the current opportunities and aspirations in transitioning the Global EHS to become a highly effective team.
  • We completed a 2-day informal workshop with the EHS team, using the opportunity to have fun and develop a team spirit.
  • Aligned the team members on the proposed next steps to action the outcomes derived from the workshop and assigned accountabilities to ensure the agreed roadmap had a framework to be executed.

“Outstanding support prior to, during and after the workshop. All went exactly as planned and feedback from every team member was extremely positive.”

John Lambe, Senior Director Global EHS at Shire