St. Canice’s Credit Union

St. Canice’s Credit Union

St. Canice’s Credit Union is a highly progressive credit union with over 42,000 members and prides itself on being at the heart of the community. In recent years there has been significant change within the credit union sector, most particularly with the introduction of the ‘Credit Union Co-operation with Overseas Regulators Act 2012’ which formalised the functioning of credit unions, in particular in the areas of governance, management and operational safeguards.

Pinta was commissioned to carry out an organisational review of St. Canice’s Credit Union at the request of the CEO to assess the current state of the organisation and its ability to meet the operational and strategic challenges of being the anchor credit union when merging with a number of smaller credit unions.

The initial phase of the project covered the following three areas:

  1. Complete a full organisational review of the functional structures within St. Canice’s Credit Union
  2. Review each functional area and assess the grade structure
  3. Identify and address anomalies in work practices

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