Tralee Credit Union

Tralee Credit Union

As part of the changing landscape within the Credit Union Movement, large credit unions are consolidating with small scale credit unions. As part of this process, Tralee Credit Union was reviewing its organisation to ensure it was structured appropriately with the required skills and processes to support a new structure.

The project covered the following focus areas:

  1. Complete a full organisational review of the functional structures within Tralee Credit Union
  2. Review each functional area and assess skills competence required for today and into the future
  3. Identify and address anomalies in work practices
  4. Assess suitability of the grade structure
  5. Identify the impact on staffing associated with mergers
  6. Complete a detailed HR due diligence on staff; contracts, terms and conditions, performance management, bonus scheme etc

The outcome of the project presented a detailed report to the CEO and board with recommendations on how to modify the operational structure, governance and processes to ensure Tralee Credit Union improve their effectiveness in serving members needs and were prepared for the future.

A detailed map of how to address the required changes directly with staff and through a change management framework minimising the impact to employees, to members and to the operation of Tralee Credit Union was also provided to assist the management team in implementing the required changes.