Samaritans Ireland Strategic Plan Completed

Pinta have recently completed the three year strategy for Samaritans Ireland. It has been an excellent project to be a part of and we are very happy to receive an excellent testimonial from the Regional Director.

Pinta have recently completed the three year strategy for Samartians Ireland. It has been an excellent project to be a part of and we are delighted to have met so many people who give up their time to provide such care to those who experience emotional distress.

“Pinta have worked with us throughout 2013 in what was an exceptionally positive experience for us as an organisation. Bringing insight, knowledge and experience Peter and his team helped us find the best of ourselves and composed a plan that is true to our ethos, mission and values. We were initially terrified, frankly, about the process as it was the first time we had decided to employ an external organisation to look at how we do what we do (and more importantly why we do what we do). However Peter and his team displayed exceptional professionalism in allaying our initial concerns with the substance of the work they were carrying out. The relationship was quickly cemented when Pinta enveloped a broad range of perspectives, thoughts and opinions in their consultations with our volunteers over the course of some months. This was supported by careful and measured communication with our Strategy Steering Committee. In my opinion there responsiveness, sense of purpose and flexibility are their hallmarks. They really reflected what our organisation was made of by confronting us with our challenges while always emphasising our strengths. This was comforting, enlightening and ultimately fruitful in that we now have a strategic action plan which is our rallying point and will be the framework by which we grow our service and meet the needs of society as we continue along turbulent times. We had never properly sought the opinion of our external stakeholders in a structured manner before – in doing so we have now tapped into enormous potential which we were simply bypassing heretofore. 

In short, Pinta represent tremendous value for money – it was a new experience for us and it has led to a huge increase in our vigor and sense of determination. I really feel that Peter and his team are an ideal partner for voluntary organisations in particular. They get it – they understand the sector, its challenges and its opportunities. This is rare and as such it was a pleasure to work with them”. 
Pio Fenton, Regional Director Samaritans Ireland