Solas Bhride sets World Record

A big congratulations to our client Solas Bhríde and the Brigidine Sisters in Kildare Town for setting a New World Record for the most people weaving St. Brigid’s crosses in the one place, at the one time by our client.

Hundreds of people gathered at St. Brigid’s parish church in Kildare Town to set the world record for the most people to weave a St. Brigid’s cross at the same time in the same location.

The world record attempt was organised by Solas Bhríde, Cairde Bhríde, Kildare Heritage Centre and local community groups and was part of a week-long Gathering festival celebrating St. Brigid and her legacy. Weaving of crosses took place inside the church and the record attempt finished with a procession of participants into the Town Square led by piper, David Usher. Participants held their Brigid’s crosses high in celebration.

At the close of events, an elated Rita Minehan of Solas Bhríde thanked all involved and spoke of how “the spirit of Brigid lives on in Kildare Town today”. She said that Brigid was “renowned as a woman of extraordinary faith, a spiritual leader, a woman of the land, an advocate of the poor, a peacemaker and a woman of legendary hospitality who is still relevant today. The beautiful procession of crosses in her name is a fabulous reminder of this to us all.”

The ‘most people to weave a St. Brigid’s cross at the same time’ category was created by Guinness World Records earlier this year, on foot of an application by Solas Bhríde and Cairde Bhríde of Kildare Town. Saturday’s gathering of people in St. Brigid’s parish church marks the first attempt to set this record. The next stage is for Guinness World Records to inspect all witness, photo and video evidence submitted by the organisers. If approved, then the record will enter the Guinness House of Records which would be regarded as a significant achievement for all in Kildare Town. It is also thought likely to spark other community groups to come together in the years ahead to challenge the record, watch this space!

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