Case Study-Bringing Teams together to build a stronger cohesive unit

The Client – The client is a well-known, very successful Irish organisation, that had be structured into two separate autonomous units for many years to fulfil a financial imperative. Once that financial imperative had been achieved the Board of Directors who had responsibility for both organisations decided that significant savings and higher levels of customer service could be delivered by combining the entities into a single cohesive operating unit. The Organisation engaged Pinta to manage all elements of the integration project.

The Approach – The project leader from Pinta established a project framework, consisting of a project plan, timelines, communication plan and budget for the project. This involved the Pinta lead chairing a steering group which met weekly for the 3 months of the project plan.

The starting point was to understand the existing employee contract and entitlement framework for each employee and the TUPE parameters that would have to be honoured to comply with the appropriate legislation.

Working with the senior team and the steering group we focused on developing and populating ‘to be’ organisation structures including new titles and reward packages. Once this was completed the process of coaching the various Managers in outlining the options available to each employee within the new proposed structure. This was supported by continuous proactive communications processes throughout the project.

The Outcome – The project was completed on time and within budget in an environment where each employee had been treated with dignity and respect throughout the project to build a new structure.

The Result – A new cohesive customer facing organisation with many of the combined new team members embracing new opportunities to contribute to the success of the organisation in the future. This now is supported within a more cost effective and efficient operating structure.