What do you think your customers think about you?

“Companies spent the 20th Century Managing efficiencies they must spend the 21st century managing experiences” (C.K. Prahalad)

What do you think your customers think about you?

A Net Promoter Score Program (NPS) can help you answer that question.

We have all completed those lengthy customer satisfaction surveys for products / brands we have engaged with. NPS introduces a simple process to gather trustworthy insights from your customer which will identify service or product improvements whilst ensuring your organisation has a customer centric culture.

What is Net Promoter Score?

The NPS is based on the fundamental perspective that every person’s experience as a customer or participant can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

By asking one simple question – How likely is it that you would recommend the [YOUR BRAND / PRODUCT / SERVICE] to a friend or colleague? – you can track the level of satisfaction of these groups and get a clear measure of the performance of your offering through the customer’s eyes. Customers respond on a 0-to-10 point rating scale and are categorised as follows:

  1. Promoters – (score 9-10)

Are loyal enthusiasts who will keep recommending and refer others to the brand / product / service.

  1. Passives – (score 7-8)

Are satisfied but less enthusiastic customers who would not tend to recommend the brand / product / service and would easily choose a competitor.

  1. Detractors – (score 0-6)

Are unhappy customers who can damage our brand / product / service through negative word-of-mouth.

To calculate the NPS Score, take the percentage of participants who are Promoters and subtract the percentage who are Detractors. The ultimate goal of a NPS Score process is to breed promoters that will drive real value.

Promoters buy more, stay longer, refer colleagues and provide feedback and ideas to enhance the brand and event offering.

 What NPS Delivers…

A successful Net Promoter Score Program can assist the event in the following ways:

  • One key metric that displays the level of satisfaction of customers
  • Highlights the areas that require enhancement and those that are working well
  • Provides an understanding of what practices are breeding detractors and which grow promoters
  • Engages employees to improve the customer experience
  • Focuses on the right priorities for employees to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customers ideas and feedback are integrated into the future operational planning processes
  • Recovers detractors and retains promoters

Satisfied customers will not grow your business …….Enthusiastic, raving fans will grow your business.

To see how Pinta have assisted the GAA to successfully implement a NPS program with their stadium visitors, click here to see the Case Study.

GAA Croke Park NPS Process

For further information on NPS and how it can help you delight your customers contact Orla Cullen orla@pinta.ie