Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation

In this time of accelerated change, many organisations are more open than ever to considering a strategic planning process that is proven to work.

Many develop clear strategies, document them and communicate them to staff and stakeholders. For many, that is as far as they get and typically they fail to implement.

There are three key questions that any company must ask irrespective of the challenges that they face, be they survival or growth…

1. Priorities—Does the organisation have a list of the top 5 priorities for the year and for the quarter and one clear priority that is central to everything it focuses on? Does everyone in the organisation have their own handful of priorities that align with the company’s priorities?

2. Data—Does the organisation have sufficient data on a daily and weekly basis to provide insight into how the organisation is running and what the market is demanding? Does everyone in the organisation have at least one key daily or weekly metric driving his / her or their team’s performance?

3. Rhythm—Does the organisation have an effective rhythm of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings to maintain momentum, alignment and drive accountability?

We help make strategy a reality, taking it from the pages of a plan to the reality of implementation and making ever fibre of the organisation live the strategy on a daily basis.